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Basic information


My name is Nicole Paquet-Singhof, born in 1969, Dipl.-Ing. FH, architect RLP. After completing my training as a structural draughtswoman, I graduated in architecture from Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences in 1998. Founder of the company assesseum – nicole paquet.

I would like to work for you!

Path of experience


While I was at university I also worked in construction management in Luxembourg for a number of years for the project developer »Le Domicile« dealing mainly with office buildings ranging in size from 4,500 sq.m to 6,500 sq.m. 


After moving to Frankfurt/Main, I worked for the company Vivico Real Estate GmbH (today CA Immo Deutschland GmbH) in project development and construction management. I was involved in the European quarter »Urban Entertainment Center Frankfurt« with a gross area of 270,000 sq.m. The focus was on the subproject Tower 1 (high-rise office building with a gross floor area of 95,000 sq.m), the subproject Retail – Entertainment – Center and the subproject Tower 2 (high-rise hotel, 4 to 5 stars with serviced apartments and a gross floor area of 33,000 sq.m). 


I later joined the firm KanAm Grund Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH in Frankfurt/Main, where I successfully worked in asset management for several years and was able to demonstrate my expertise for the core countries of France, Luxembourg and Spain. Key projects here were also office buildings with a floor space ranging from 3,800 sq.m to 27,297 sq.m.


In 2008 I changed to Vicus S.A., a real estate management company in Luxembourg, where I worked in building and asset management, dealing mainly with office and special buildings with individual use of 4,500 sq.m – 6,000 sq.m floor space.


While working in Luxembourg I increasingly felt the desire to have my own business to manage real estate, which led me to set up 


My clients are mainly banks, real estate investment trusts, foundations, project developers and owners. The projects are spread over Germany, Luxembourg and France. 




My hobbies are sport, animals and nature. 

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