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«Experience is like a lantern in the back,
she always illuminates only the piece of road that we have behind  us.»


Management for settling building defects


Sustainable building defects management helps to keep the life-cycle costs transparent; constructional defects detected and rectified at an early stage is the guarantee for minimal correction costs. 


assesseum provides professional support right from the implementation planning stage and for existing properties as well.



ascertaining the defects, classifying the defects, documentation, cost estimate, settlement, acceptance and approval 



Technical asset management


A major factor in ensuring the value of a property will continue to increase is that its appearance is in keeping with the times. 


Maintenance and revitalisation should not just be seen statically but be dealt with as part of the whole process. 



inspecting the property, documenting the building analysis taking into account the increase in value, implementing building optimisation, maintenance measures, regular reports on the required and actual condition, carrying out alteration work and new construction measures, optimising the additional costs, technical support when buying and selling a property 



Technical due diligence


For the due diligence process and assessing the risks and chances of a property, we analyse all the qualities and quantities of your buildings.  


With our technical due diligence forming a sound basis for your further business strategies, we hand it over to you once we have completed all our professionally grounded examinations and deliberations.



examining all documents, inspecting the site, checking the documents, preparing the documentation needed for assessing the condition 



Holistic property consultancy 


Services for:

  • new construction measures and alteration work as well as refurbishment and revitalisation 

  • all phases of the project

  • existing buildings: maintenance, maintaining/increasing the value, additional costs, space efficiency

  • project monitoring 


We will be happy to deal with any other specialised real-estate concerns you may have after discussing the matter with you personally. 


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